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Phiramid 114


PHIramid – 114-51.42 was designed from Micronization and PHItavation of two galaxies.

Product Description

PHIramid – 114-51.42 was designed from Micronization and PHItavation of two galaxies.

The Galaxy NGC-2207 and Galaxy IC-1805 inspired and aspired me to design this Pendant.  Galaxy NGC-2207 is 114 Million Light Years away from the earth. You may notice that a Male and PHI-Male galaxies are emoted toward each other to nest and unify with each other into oneness.  The resultant of such unification is fulfillment of innate longing in creation, which evolves into a shape and form of a heart, seen in the Galaxy IC-1805.

Therefore, the shape of the heart is congelation, and coagulation of a Male and PHI-Male synergy, in symbiotism, by emotation, with respect to polarity, into the field and flow of oneness. This is the true function and process of Unified Field in Creation.

The ultimate innate longing in PHIversial Creation is the UniPHIed PHIeld and Flow of Male and PHI-Male synergies.

This pendent reveals this innate longing toward UniPHIed PHIeld and fulfillment of Emotation, Recursion, and Polarity in all creation.

It is the most powerful and synergetic piece among all my designs.

These two galaxies show the Empirical reality of motion and its components, contrary to Vedic or Newtonian Physics.

It is Biology without Physics, and Cosmic without Cosmetic.

  1. No motion in creation is circular, rather they are Vortational.
  2. All motions are attributed by three components of Emotation, Recursion. And Polarity.
  3. The Vitality of all motions in creation, are created, by Rotation, Vortation, and Peristalsis, … by GOD.

The above Empirical Existential Reality, without any assumptions, guessimation, or esoteric imagination constitutes the primary principles of Motions in Creation. All in existence are in Motion, and all in Motion are alive and living.

The PHIramid – 114-51.42 consist of 114 Heptamids which are vortating around a central Mother Heptamid. The pitch angle of their vortation is 21.428571 degrees, and are PHItavated in six pitches. This angle is quite important in the PHIometrical structure of earth.

The PHIramid – 114-51.42  Pendants are available in 1.618 inches. They are made with five layers of 99.99% pure metals. The core of the pendent is Brass. It is coated with one layer of Copper, then Nickel, and two Layers of Gold. This level of purity in Metal (99.99%) is referred to as eatable metals or four nines.

The complete details of this piece is quite lengthy and will require an entire workshop for those enthused by curiosity.

The PhIramid 114 will shiver and quiver your curiosity into UniPHIed PHIeld, and shows some of the related PHIometrical attributes of this Most Powerful Pendent.

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